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We buy houses Portland Oregon! When you need a quick and easy way to sell your house, Exodus home buyers are here to take the stress and hassle out of the process, for you. Regardless of what problems your home has, we help you to sell it quickly, so you don’t have to deal with any issues . When you place your trust in us as your home buyer, you get:

  • NO repairs to make
  • ZERO in real estate commissions
  • We’ll pay the closing costs
  • A quick close

When you need to sell your home quickly in Portland, we can get the job done for you. We are a professional cash home buying company that offers a quick, easy alternative to selling your home. We pay for all homes completely in cash, which guarantees a fast close for you. We take care of all the little issues and problems, so that you don’t have to.


The Simple Process to Sell a House Fast Portland Oregon


Quickly fill out our form or give us a call 503-451-3873

Receive a quick call to chat about your home 

We meet in person to see your home

We give you a fair offer for you to sell your house fast

Exodus Home Buyers

Throughout the years we have built our reputation on two main things: Simplicity and Speed. We use paperwork that is completely easy to understand and walk you through every step of the escrow process, in order to ensure that everything is running smoothly during the house buying process.

Tip:Make Sure to Act Fast! Any problems on your property will only get worse and time goes by, meaning you may be losing equity in the long-term.

There are truly an abundance of reasons to sell my home fast Portland Oregon, and we can help you with all of them. We buy houses Portland Oregon regardless of their condition or what’s wrong with it. We take into account any problems that the property may have and we still make fair offers to you. Whether we decide to purchase your home or not, we are wholly committed to ensuring that you get the very best help and advice on selling your property. That is because, it is always our mission to leave you and your home in a better state than it was when we arrived. That is the way it has been ever since we made a commitment to excellence with our home buying process. 

Some Common Situations When You Need to Sell Your House Fast Portland Oregon:

  • home being foreclosed
  • hoarded homes
  • need a fast sale
  • behind/delinquent payments
  • major/expensive repairs needed
  • home damaged by fire
  • code violations
  • probates
  • to downsize to a smaller home
  • divorce
  • water damage
  • medical bills
  • relocating
  • inherited a house
  • tenants causing problems
  • upside down mortgage
  • upsizing
  • problematic tenants
  • eliminate debt
  • behind on mortgage
  • plans to retire
  • bankruptcy
  • out of state owner
  • property taxes behind
  • to avoid auction
  • family loss
  • for quick cash
  • liens
  • poor neighborhood
  • Damage 

Our customers we serve when we buy houses Portland Oregon may be suffering from a number of these issues, but that doesn’t matter when you choose us. Our trained experts are familiar with every nuance in the industry, and regardless of whether you’re living in the house or not, we can help you with all sorts of issues, and none of them is a problem if you need to sell your home fast. We are prepared to meet every challenge when we buy houses Portland Oregon.

What is the easiest way to sell now?

Is Now a Good time to sell?

Can you still sell your house during Covid?

What Are The Benefits of Opting for a Cash Home Buyer?

When we buy houses Portland, there are plenty of benefits to be had: 

A Fair Offer.  We always guarantee a reasonable, fair offer.

We Buy “AS-IS”.

You won’t have to change a thing on your property

A Quick Close. Select your own close date and we operate in your schedule

No Real Estate Commissions. Save yourself thousands on commissions 

Zero Fees. No closing costs!

We won’t charge you a cent for it.

We Pay Cash.

You don’t need to worry about whether we will be approved with a bank

Honest Dealings.

Honesty and integrity are everything to us. For us, it’s people before profits.

Just 1 Showing.

All we need to present you with a fair offer is one showing.

Professional Experience.

You are receiving the most experienced professional home buying service.

Is selling to Exodus Home Buyers YOUR best option?

We understand that we buy houses Portland Oregon may not always be the best option for you. Truthfully, it depends on the nuances of your own situation and what you would like to accomplish. For example, if your home was recently renovated, and you don’t mind waiting for months to get a perfect offer, then you should do so by all means. You will get a better price that way and therefore, it might be your best option. 


Our aim is to solve your problems when selling your home. That is how we bring such huge value when we buy houses Portland. We are a great option for if:

If the property needs a lot of repairs…

The most common type of property that we buy houses Portland purchase are the ones that are desperate for repairs. The issue is, that major repairs can add up very quickly, particularly when you can’t fix them yourself. The cost of labor is already very expensive, but what usually pursues people over the edge is when unexpected items begin to pop up seemingly out of nowhere. 


If you don’t want to deal with these kinds of issues, Exodus home buyers are a great solution to sell your house quickly. When we buy houses Portland, we purchase houses exactly the way they are. We do whatever it takes to go the extra mile for you and ensure that you can sell your home completely stress free. 

You need a quick sale

Sometimes, you just need to get rid of your home fast. That is exactly why selling to us here at Exodus Home Buyers can be the best move for you. Any sale where a bank is involved may take more than 6 months before the close even begins. When we Buy houses  Portland, we pay in cash, so you can sell immediately. No lengthy checks, appraisals or inspections, just one showing and then we offer you a fair price. We normally take a couple of weeks to close, up if you need quicker, then we can accommodate any needs for you. 



Find Out More About How We Buy Houses Portland Oregon… 

If you still have any questions or concerns about how the process is handled when we buy houses Portland Oregon. We would love to reply to any of them though email or text. Or better yet, reach out to us for a quick phone chat!

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