5 No Cost Tricks to Sell Your Home Faster


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You want to quickly sell your home, and you want to get a new place to stay fast. There is one thing that is obstructing your path: You need to sell off your current house first. However, you hope it doesn’t take more than 6 months to get a buyer. Selling the property fast is a necessity.


Therefore, we have a proven trick that can reduce the property listing on the market. We have a research case in the Real Estate Association that stated that property that has been staged accordingly, before being listed on the property received a proper offer in 23 days, or an average period.


That is about 90% faster than other people that waited so many months after the listing when they did not bother to do the staging.


If you are on a tight budget, you might feel that you cannot afford to stage your property. However, Kirkland, a property agent in Birmingham, gives five free tops to let you sell the property fast.



  • Get in Tuned with Your Inner Neat Self


All those cleaning tendencies will prove to become useful one day. Now is the time to declutter your way to win your buyers’ heart!


Dawn states that decluttering isn’t a special creation – it is a key to making a proper environment. Make sure to pay attention to different places that attract trash like:


  • The kitchen counter
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Fireplace area
  • Laundry room shelf
  • Table counter
  • Magazine shelves


No advice on decluttering would be complete without a proper call to make your closets cleaned up. “If the closet is fully stuffed, then the stuff would not fit in,” Dawn stated. Give buyers a great impression by giving them a showcase of how much space there is to put their stuff, not the amount of stuff sitting in the space.



  • Make Furniture Arrangements


Once you get rid of all the clutter, back off a little and try to look at the really big picture. Does the place invite buyers to sit around for a while? Will buyers go right into the house without bumping into stuff? If they are not ‘visitor-friendly’ you need to do a lot of work,


Start by arranging bulky parts of furniture into the storage and move furniture from the walls. There are times that can be arranged so the kids can play in the middle of the room or in front of the TV.” Dawn stated. Buyers want to walk right in and feel in tune with the place. They also want to initiate conversation when staying in the space, not just surfing the TV channel.


A proper agent can produce a proper eye to aid you in reinventing your house. “Go to a different room areas and see if there are areas that you can reinvent for the living room to get the thing you want.” Dawn states.



  • Have The Same Mind-set as a Buyer


Clearing up home space for home showings is the basic of all. However, there are so many folks that do not feel the importance of a clean home.


This isn’t your weekly cleaning up. It is a critical, whole house, in-depth spring cleaning. You need to know what your buyers are looking for. After that, get down to the whole thing immediately so that even small aspects shine. This is from the ceiling fans to window screens, make sure no place is left untouched.


Here we have agents to aid you in selling the house.


Dawn states: The windows must be clean and there has to be a lot of light coming in,”



  • Setting up the Table


Staging creates a picture for likely buyers so they can imagine a life in your house. “If I see someone’s whole family living there, I think my own family will enjoy living there too.”

Nothing can represent family life more than the delicate dining table.


This is why Dawn is recommending giving proper staging details to the dining room. Make sure that you put great china, or linens from the closet. Add in extra flair with different colours. You do not have to do everything overly with each piece of dining ware that you possess. Just keep the whole dining decor simple by putting two places on the table. Arrange a proper centre piece on top of the table. There are a lot of ideas that you can obtain on Pinterest.

For more advice, click the guide here.



  • Bringing the Feel Outdoors Back Indoors


Make the whole apartment feel completely at home by using what is already outdoors. “Fresh flowers look great,” states Dawn. “They will warm up a room and it sends the right message and it is a great space to be in.” If plucking flowers from your yard is not the option, then you can drop by the local grocery store to pick up some prearranged fresh flowers. If there are no vases, display some things in a pitcher or Mason jar to add in some vintage charm.


Flowers are not just the main star of the show. If you grow your own garden filled with veggies and fruits, lure buyers by producing fresh fruits on the dining table.


Use Extra Earnings to Properly Sell Off the Property

If you do have leftover cash to spend, Dawn recommends selling the property on a tight timeframe with a smaller budget. “If you have an extra $400, you can spend it on paint and make the front yard look better.” Why? This is because buyers give you a short time to make the sale – just seconds.

However, each piece of property is not the same. Before you want to throw in money making the property better, ask a trusted property agent for sound advice.


An expert knows what the buyers in the neighbourhood want and helps you to make your property more saleable without cutting down the selling price or overspending on the renovation costs.


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