9 House Sale Tips in Portland – Guide For More Success

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To sell your property without difficulties and at a fair profit, you should follow some helpful tips.


We have arranged these for you according to the preparation phase, sales phase, and sales procedure so that you always know which steps are currently essential for you to. Even a good estate agent can provide you with many tips for selling a house in your area.


The preparation

Tip 1: Take enough time

Before you sell your house, you should invest time in the necessary preparatory work and organize the sale with foresight. Do not underestimate the scope of your project. After all, a property sale is complex, and specialist knowledge is required.


Selling under time pressure always harms the selling price. Obtaining documents from the authorities can sometimes take several weeks.


With the help of a marketing concept, you can check whether your measures are developing favorably or whether any adjustments need to be made during the ongoing sales process.


Tip 2: Define your destinations precisely


Ask yourself some basic questions about your goals in advance:


  • What sales price am I aiming for?


  • Do I still have to repay a loan?


  • By when should the purchase price be reimbursed?


  • Do I need the sum to finance a new property?


  • Which furnishings do I want to sell (kitchen, furniture, sauna, …)?


  • When can the move be completed at the earliest?


  • What is a realistic and suitable time for selling?


  • Is there a seamless transition between moving out of the old

property and moving into the new one?


  • Can I not imagine specific uses and conversion measures after the sale of the property?


Tip 3: Develop a feeling for the right selling price


Anyone who overestimates the value of his property in the purchase price information directly discourages potential buyers.


On the other hand, anyone who underestimates the achievable value makes a loss. Scientists have shown that for average properties, a moderate starting price of about five percent above the target value is most effective. Also, remember to allow room for negotiation.


Decisive factors for price determination are


  • The location, the city, and the district
  • The size and orientation of the property
  • The standard ground value, i.e., the cost for one square meter of undeveloped ground
  • The current use (is the capital free or rented?)


Tip 4: Up to 30 percent higher sales price for unlet properties


As a rule, you will achieve up to 30 percent higher sales price for your property if it is unlet.


For this reason, you should use the move-out of a tenant, for example, to sell your property more lucratively. To do this, involve your tenants in the sale of the house in good time.


In some cases, you have an obligation to inform your tenant when you sell your home. It is possible that your tenant himself is interested in buying the apartment


Tip 5: The right decision: self-marketing or broker?


Many people underestimate how time-consuming and costly the successful sale of a property is. It also requires expertise that laypeople do not typically have.


If you can conduct a market analysis to estimate the selling price, take professional photographs, place ads, design an exposé, conduct purchase negotiations with prospective buyers, and coordinate viewing appointments, you don’t need an estate agent.


However, if you feel a little overwhelmed by this list (which is quite reasonable), we recommend that you seek a professional estate agent’s assistance for a successful and uncomplicated property sale.


Tip 6: Put together all the necessary documents in good time


Queries from prospective buyers can be answered faster and more accurately if you have all the information you need. With complete documentation, the broker can produce a higher-quality exposé, which makes it easier to find prospective buyers and conduct negotiations.


The earlier you have all the documents ready, the easier it is to complete the sale.


Tip 7: Make your property shine


During the inspection, but also already with the photos for the exposé, the following applies: First impressions count! Accordingly, you should put your property in top condition both inside and out. First, create order and cleanliness and clear out dark corners.


Then carry out necessary repair work and maintenance. By decorating attractively but neutrally, you create the right atmosphere.

Tip 8: Prepare yourself optimally for the viewing appointments


Take your time for preparation and present your property in a pleasant atmosphere. This should be tidy, depersonalized, and in the best condition. Paint the walls, decorate with a few fresh flowers and air well before viewing.


Tip 9: Do not let yourself be hastily fixed in price negotiations


Before the negotiation, you should note your absolute lower price limit and your target price. Do not enter into price negotiations too quickly, but take your time. If necessary, ask for a little time to think it over and not be pressured into a decision.




Successful selling requires experience. Before the first sales talk, you should play through a possible course of conversation with friends to gain confidence and routine.


It is also essential that you remain calm. First, listen to the prospective buyers – this will help you to find out what the buyer wants and to place sales arguments in a more targeted way.


When your negotiating scope is exhausted, you can refer to the inventory and offer components as a bonus.

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