A Quick Little Guide to the Fastest Way to Sell a House

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Selling your property fast is a great idea, no matter what the intention is. The longer the property is on the listing market, the less valuable it will become. Therefore, it is essential to be fast when selling the property. Gutting, the second ranking property agent in Indiana stated that, “the longer the house is on the property listing, the higher it will sell at a lower price.”


If you want to sell the property, you have to do it fast. To accomplish the whole thing, you have to be smart.


We have interviewed some of the best property agents in the country and put this guide together fast. The guide is how to sell property real fast.



  • Start With the Best Property Agent


Hiring an expert in property is the main step to take to make a proper decision to put the property on the listing. This means that this is the main reason that both you and your buyer meet up to view the house and market the house properly. Homes sold the property that cost thousands of dollars if they are not sold by an expert agent. The main reason is that selling your house without a property agent is rather risky and time-consuming. It is a lot of hard work to do. If you do not know what you are really doing you are setting yourself up at a loss.


Therefore, it is very crucial to hire a top property agent to get your property sold.


  • Be Wise About the Property Listing Price


Listing the property for the highest price available seems to be the right thing to do. Buyers will negotiate for a lower price anyway, right?


However, that is not how it goes about at all.


There are many times, buyers do not have proper time or patience to scout out properties that need price negotiations. This example is explained by property agent Morris. Producing higher value on the property listing for more than what the property is worth, seems like the right way to do it. Likewise, it is not right to assume buyers will take the offer that can be negotiable.


Gutting states that, if you list your property for a high price, buyers will not want to buy your house. If no one bids on the property, then the listing will turn stale. If the whole listing goes stale, and sit on the property site too long, the agents on the buyers’ side will take advantage and you might get it at a lower price.


The thing that you know is getting proper home prices and looks at the prices of other properties in the same area. Based on Gutting’s real estate experience, if you put the home on the market value price, you will start a bidding war that will get an offer close to the price the home was listed for.


  • Fake It Until You Manage To Meet It


When you are listing a property for sale, appearance is the thing that will hook the buyer in.


There are two different scenarios. The home is viewed in two scenarios. One is vacant, and the latter is non-vacant. Gutting stressed a point that, in both scenarios, reacting to the buyer’s emotions is critical. To manage to do this, he states that you need to make updates to the property.


To attain this, Gutting recommend to make several updates to the property:


  • Make carpet replacements.
  • Paint the walls with fresh paint.
  • Update your home appliances if it is affordable.
  • Update the light fittings.
  • Hire a proper landscaper and get the yard done properly.


These five things, along with getting rid of clutters and personal items, makes the property sales great. It is because the house will have a “brand new” feel. The whole cleanliness and feel will make buyers where it really counts, their eyes and touch their hearts.


If the house is completely vacant, you can hire an expert stager. Staging a property starts from zero to hero in 24 hours, and it can definitely expedite the whole home selling process. Gutting states that staging the house is so crucial, none of the properties that he staged sold in less than a month.


It is not a coincidence. However, staged properties can sell more than 87% faster and more than 17% homes that did not go for stage. There is a small investment that you have to pay upfront when you end the deal.


  • Keeping Up With the Latest Technology


People will not view the property, or even buy it, if they are not impressed by the property listing. Online services are the main driving force behind property sales, so you have to bear that in mind if you want the house to be sold off fast.


Based on the Realtors Association, most of the prospective buyers search for properties by going online.


They simply do not find a property agent to get a new house. Therefore, only 17% of the property buyers start with that stage.


The term “online” has a special sense.


Mobile devices are also popular to view things online, with 71% of the US population picking smartphones and tablets over different online connected devices. You have to be clear and sharp to make a better impression on mobile devices. If the property buyers are not attracted by the photos, they will not visit the house at all.



  • Keep All Friends Close and Your Keep In Touch With Your Facebook Friends 


It is not easy to escape social media these days. There are more than 2 billion people that use Facebook, making social media a great platform for proper marketing. On an average basis, Facebook users have more than 200 Facebook contacts on how they share photos and news articles and other private info.


Going into this pool of potential buyers is simple enough. By sharing the photos of your listings, you can show it to so many people. If people share the post, it will go around the friend circles fast.


The Gutting Group uses social media to make the selling process faster. Gutting puts the listing on his Facebook group whenever he sells a home, with over 1000 fans on his page.


He also advises his customers to do the same thing. In one case, a client, who was a close friend on Facebook, shared some listings on her facebook wall. Within 2 days, Gutting’s facebook group got 400 hits coming from her post.



  • Do Not Cut Costs – Bring in the Experts


When you want to sell the property fast, cutting costs is a bad option. Make sure to hire the top property agent to sell your house for you. Make sure to use technology properly, and stage the house properly. When you have accomplished all of this, your home will be sold for a higher price. Outshine your competition!


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