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Sure, so you have decided to move to a new city or town and want to sell your house urgently at a reasonable price, then Exodus Home Buyers is here to help you. We buy houses in Portland Oregon and we are cash buyers with enough bucks in our hands to give you a solid quote right now. We have eliminated all kinds of 3rd parties, including money lenders, banks, wholesalers, and special agents, and we will buy your property directly from you. By this, we mean no commissions, no fees, or no less cost for us, and we will give you a higher amount offer.


Get Cash for houses

After buying a home, we pay Cash instantly, as it is helpful for the homeowner who needs money to sell a home. Perhaps the most important advantage is that cash flow is fast. There is no mortgage approval you need to worry about with all Cash; the deal will be closed in 30 days. We are a homebuyer, and we can save you money by our all Cash for the home deal. You are not going to have an agreement with decorating, or repairing or cleaning your home because we pay cash for houses.

No one wants to stay in an ugly place or a situation forever and lose everything. If you are stuck in a messy situation, and you are looking for a way out. We will provide you the opportunity to way out of this situation. The reality is that most people drown their money in home repair expenses or mortgage payments for the property that doesn’t give you any type of returns is all too real situation homeowner face across the country.

The best thing about us “we buy houses cash in Portland” is that we are available just a click away, giving us a call will be the first step so that we can understand your situation. Every homeowner has different circumstances and conditions, so that is why we want to make sure that you will be getting Cash fast. Moreover, when you sell, you need not pay closing costs or real-estate commissions to satisfy the unreasonable homebuyers’ demands. Providing you with fast Cash helps you to move to a new city or house and to start a new life.


Why you need to sell your House for Cash | Reasons for Selling your house

Each year around more than 5 million houses are sold throughout the nation if you are planning to put your home on the market. In this case, you are probably going to have fierce competition in the market.

That can be a good thing if you are available with enough time to wait for the turnaround of a perfect buyer. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry to move or are unable to repair your home before selling? If you are still wondering about the answers to these questions, keep reading this article to have a good idea for you.


Faster Sales Times


You might have seen houses sitting with a sign “for sale” in their yards, and it been months now; if you do not want your home to look like one of them, then you should have to consider selling your home to real estate investors. When you sell your homes to “We buy houses cash,” the sales process will be wrapped up very quickly. Most of the time, you will be getting your cash for your house within a week. Selling houses for Cash is an effective way to sell your home and property, and it appeals to sellers, especially when they are in a hurry to move. Therefore, it is better to sell your house when someone is bidding with a good amount of money.



Spend Less on Home Repairs


If you are living in a home for so long, obviously it needs repairs including roof shingles and other necessary areas. To save money from extra repair, you also get to save money on realtor’s commissions and closing costs when you sell your home to Cash. Realtors take a significant amount of the percentage of your house, and sometimes you have to agree to pay for the buyer closing cost, which means little money in your pocket. So it is better to sell your home to “we buy cash homes” to avoid spending on extra & routine repairs that cost you a lot of money and time. Avoiding unnecessary repairs and saving realtors’ commission will save you a significant amount of Cash.



Inherited House


Selling an inherited house can bring you a financial boon; inherited houses are complicated with an emotionally taxing burden. For most of the people, the individual they inherited the home is the one who was close to them, dealing inherited house can be emotionally trying, and it can be stressful. For some of the people, it may be a different relation the inheritor had no blood relation with, and it is merely a welcome windfall.

Having inherited home with probate is a long process throughout life. Being stuck in a house that you did not expect to have it in a town, and most possibly, you do not want to live in is often an overwhelming situation. Mostly realtor fails to sell your inherited house fast enough, especially when you are in a hurry to move. In this case, “we buy houses for cash Portland” is the best possible outcome.

With cash real estate investors such as our company, you will be able to get rid of yourself from the inherited house as soon as you receive probate. The inherited home process is a bit complex to deal with, but we have made a lot easier process. We will sell your house for more profit and will surprise you by our super-fast quick services.



Selling the House When You Divorce


One of the most important things you have to is to sell your house after divorce. It may be the most stressful you can experience. In most cases, couples want to know who will be getting the house in a divorce. Unluckily it is not as simple as it seems to be.

Divorces continue to be a destructive and stressful burden for families to go through it. Even when your children got involved, it makes the business of selling a family house even more crucial. Because the marital home is one, the most valuable asset by a jointly owned couple has because feelings and sentiments are stronger over your house.


We can understand that after divorce, family needs are to a permanent and instant settlement. We helped many families and couples in this stressful period, and we are partnered with your local attorney to helps couples find solutions for selling their family home. We can give you an extended fair, super quick, and fast local cash offer, helping you to avoid realtor and traditional real state commissions.

You will find us next to your doorstep the next day after your phone call. Without fast cash services, you will be able to start a new chapter of your life; we keep no commissions and no other fees, no buyers coming through your home regularly. Avoid the hassle of the traditional real estate market and enjoy our services as we are offering a fast and fair local process to get Cash quickly for your home.


Why Our Services | We Are Experienced, Home Buyers

We are not new to this field. We have multiple clients across the country; we have purchased many houses and buildings, and we always try to scale up. We are genuine and legitimate buyers with handsome Cash in our hands. We have put up huge banners on our properties, highlighting that we are legitimate and trustworthy buyers.


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