Selling a Home Fast – 10 Tips to Make it Happen

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Me and my husband just went through the whole process of selling our property. It was a first time experience and we found ourselves trapped in a stressful condition. Therefore, in just a week, we went to the property market and we were filled with doubt. Thus, we were filled with stress and with one big question mark. What happens if we cannot sell this house?


We had appropriate reasons to be worried. At the moment, we were building a new home, and we needed to sell the old home so we could rent out the house while the new home finished building. If we do not sell the previous home, we will be stuck with two houses, two mortgages and a lot of responsibility. Therefore, we need to think of a one-stop solution to quickly sell off the home. However, four days after putting the property on a listing, we had a contract under the nose.


There is another thing though, is a lucky element of selling the house fast, but if you do all the right things from your side, the right buyer will hop on the bandwagon. It only takes a short period for the buyer to come along. However, if you are not taking the right steps needed to sell the house, you might turn off proper buyers than offered a higher price had conditions been different.


To sell off your property fast, you need to actively participate in the process. Do not just sit on the problem and wait for a buyer that comes along and see through all the flaws in the home. Do your homework, fix the property, and show off to potential buyers how great your house is. Today what we have here is 10 tips on how to sell your home off fast.



  • Wisely Pick the Right Agent


When I go on the property market to view the homes and I actually see a property has some detractors on them, I feel that the owner ought to have a better agent. Some of these detractors are like a dirty lawn or a messy garden, and the owner needs help. You will need a realtor that invests in selling the property, which means it is someone that will let you know what you are doing wrong and the ways to improve these mistakes. It is not someone that will stick a lock box on the front door and make the house shine to the public.


While picking the right agent to work with, make sure to ask people for referrals, especially from people that you trust and have gone through the entire process yourself. Make sure to meet all your needs. If the home needs staging help, get an agent that has designing experience. If you are selling a fixed, upper piece of property, search for an agent that specializes in selling all these properties. There is a lot of options to choose from when picking the right agent. Therefore, pick the right one that suits your specific needs.



  • Enter the Property Market, at the Right Time


The property market flows all through the year with a tight schedule. While it might not sound impossible to sell the property near the Christmas season, you will be able to sell it faster during spring. It is because most buyers are home-shopping during this season. If you want to sell the property fast, the best thing you can do is to sell it in late February, so that you can take proper advantage of more buyer activity.



  • Use a Professional Photographer to Take Photos of Your Property


Photos are the first thing that gives the buyer the first impression. The buyer can dictate whether they end up scheduling an appointment for home-viewing in person or not. Therefore, professional photos are essential to selling your home fast. The photos should be able to highlight the best features of the property, with each measure taken properly. The space has to look warm and inviting. It does not sound easy, but you need to bear in mind you cannot trust this to anybody. My photographer managed to schedule a shoot about the weather so that there is a bright sunny day and enhance the house’s natural beauty. Moreover, the photographer made us clean the whole house inside out. For the shootout, there is no clutter, and several areas are staged to clean properly. Photos are crucial in the listing, so make sure that the photos are done the right way. If it is not done properly, you will get less buyers knocking on the door.



  • Use Realistic Pricing


Everyone wants to earn as much cash as possible on selling the house, but you need to be realistic. What you actually pay for the house matters a lot less than what the market is stating the house value at that time. If your objective is to sell the home fast, then you need to adhere to these rules. While you don’t have to give your house an under price for a fast sale, you have to price it properly. Using a home estimation tool to have a better idea of what you are looking for. After that, make sure to work hard with a realtor to produce a proper price that makes sense.



  • Declutter


As soon as you can list your property, get some work done on cleaning clutter from your house. Rent a unit for storage or get a family member that can share space in their property and keep everything that is not in use. This includes old clothing, books, decor and other stuff that has been at the back of the closets and cabinets. The less things you have in a clutter in your house, the more likely buyers can see this space. The pictures will show the beauty of the house, not the items cluttering it.



  • Depersonalize


Buyers need to see their own selves living in the house, so if you showcase your family photos, it will be a difficult time. The faster you can remove any personalized items in your home, like photos and personal papers, you can give the buyers a blank slate for buyers to view.



  • Stage the Property


Decluttering the whole house is a part of the staging process. However, it is not all of it. To sell the home fast, the home has to be given decorations so that it can highlight its best features. Attaining that means things from rearranging furniture to widen the space, paint walls with different colors, repairing imperfections on the property. You also want to throw everything that dates the home, like holiday decors or other clutters in the garage. Follow all these staging tips and it is made sure that the space is designed properly that can appeal to buyers and let them know that they do not have to do much work when they really move in.



  • Be Accommodating


The selling procedure is difficult, especially when you need buyers to start scheduling appointments to view the house. You will need to leave the house to let the buyers view the house. What can turn worse, if there are no buyers in the house at all. When you sell the home, you need to say yes to each appointment request, even if you were halfway through lunch and need to leave the house and take out two dogs – in less than 10 minutes. If it is not possible, you need to reappoint your schedule around what is suitable for the buyer, not what is best for you. If you need a new time than what has been requested, the agent might not be able to accommodate your new schedule and might not go to view the property at all.


  • Setting Yourself Apart


I always wanted the buyers that came to visit the home to feel warm and welcome. So each time they came to see the house I put fresh cookies on the table and put a sign that said “Welcome, help yourself!” It is a simple thing, but we received a lot of positive reviews about that. A little step like that aids buyers to remember the house, and puts them in a good mood immediately. If you don’t want to leave food, you can give them water bottles or some fresh fruits. Whatever you do, an extra bit of effort will make you outshine your competition.



  • Get Feedback after Appointment


There are buyers’ agents who will find your realtor after the appointment to give reviews on the property, bad or good. However, most don’t. You need to know if you are doing the right or wrong thing, and make sure to get clear reviews from the agent when they do the showing of the home. Make sure that the realtor follows up on the buyers’ agents to get a second opinion on the house to find out what buyers liked or disliked about the house they saw. After that, use the feedback to make changes to the house so that the next buyer will like the house.


A piece of property sells in two months to three months, but you can sell it faster if you can take some time to optimize each process carefully. While you cannot whip up a buyer like magic, you can still optimize the house perfectly so that when the next buyer drops in, they will immediately grab the house.


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