Selling a House During COVID19

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The corona pandemic has an impact on public life, and the real estate world is also affected. The effects the relaxation of restrictions will have on the sale of real estate and other questions and answers can be found here.


If you want to sell your property in Corona times, you may well lose track of the situation given prohibitions and restrictions.


Is it allowed to offer one’s real estate at the moment, are interested parties permitted to be received, and is there a professional ban for notaries? An overview of what to consider when selling real estate at present


Kann ich meine Immobilie verkaufen trotz Coronapandemie?

Yes, that is still possible. However, especially when viewing the property, contact restrictions and the applicable hygiene rules must be observed.


Property prices in the corona pandemic: Is a decline in property prices expected?

According to a market analysis by immowelt, real estate prices have so far remained relatively unaffected by the crisis. The current supply prices remain more or less at pre-crisis levels.


How does the demand for real estate develop during Corona?

After the interest in real estate declined at the beginning of the crisis, it is rising again. Access figures to the immowelt portals have already returned to pre-crisis levels.


Step 1: Advertise

Once the decision has been made to sell your own property, the search for a suitable prospective buyer does not begin immediately. First of all, basic questions must be clarified.


Sell property in Corona times.

In principle, there are no prohibitions or restrictions that restrict the purchase or sale during the Corona crisis. However, despite the relaxation of contact restrictions, delays may occur, for example, during visits or when going to the notary.


Those who are still at the beginning of the house sale may yet have to compile further documents. In addition to the energy certificate, these include the floor plan, photos, and the building insurance certificate..


Is the price of real estate falling? 


Experts were divided at the beginning of the pandemic, but the statistics say no.


At the moment, a slight upward trend with a tendency to stagnation is evident. But no decline.


This is shown by a study by immowelt, which compared the median prices from February and March.


Also, the current supply prices for condominiums remain at about the same level as before the beginning of the crisis: The median square meter price increased only minimally by one percent from 2,820 euros in February to 2,850 euros in March.


Step 2: Visits

When the first contact requests reach the provider, the second big step is taken: the visits.


Can visits be carried out?

Visits are not prohibited per-se during the corona pandemic. With the increasing easing of exit restrictions and the ban on contact, visits to apartments are possible without limitation.


However, mass events are still excluded. Instead, individual appointments are preferred. Ideally, these should follow a previous online visit via a video app.


Skype or Zoom is currently very popular here, and video calls can also be made via the well-known messengers such as Whatsapp, Facebook, or Facetime.


A virtual tour could also be made available as a download. This has the advantage that you don’t have to show every interested party around the apartment again. If the searcher continues to show interest, the individual viewing can then take place.


Contact with brokers


Such a sale of real estate is already challenging, even without a corona pandemic. If you are afraid of wasting time or feeling overwhelmed, you can get a real estate agent.


This agent takes over basic tasks for the seller, starting with the preparation of the exposé and ending with the mediation to the

interested party.


Meeting him is therefore, an important reason. As long as distance and hygiene rules are observed, there is nothing to prevent the meeting.


However, the meetings should be kept to a minimum. Everything that works by telephone or video telephony should also be clarified in this way.


Step 3: Sell

Once the property has been inspected and the seller and prospective buyer agree on all essential details, there is nothing to stand in the way of a change of ownership. The next step is to go to the notary together.


Notarial appointment allowed?

When the appointment with the notary is due, however, the question arises again as to whether it is permitted at all.


Since the notarial certification is inevitable – the physical presence at the house sale is even legally anchored – the valid reason, and thus the permission arises.


But just now, the house sale can suddenly come to a standstill. Many notaries are currently putting their business on hold and can only be reached by telephone because they are afraid of contagion


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