Six Reasons why Portland is an ideal destination for Latinos

Usually, when we think about visiting the United States, the dream cities that come to mind are the trifecta Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, known for their style, fashion, and way of living.

However, cities like Portland, Oregon, located in the northwest of the country, hide a variety of reasons why they should be on the top list of places to see at least once in a lifetime, besides if you are a student, consider it a good option for your academic race.

Here we are going to talk about this beautiful city and also highlight 6 reasons why Portland is ideal for Latinos and all kinds of travelers that are looking to explore different places.


1. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest

With the Pacific Ocean on one side and the mountain range known as The Rocky Mountains, or The Rockies, on the other, the Oregon region offers a completely unique landscape. Portland, the capital of this region, built in the Willamette Valley, surrounded by the river of the same name and by the Tabor, St. Helens, and Hood Mountains, is a modern city, with contemporary structures and the life of a cosmopolitan city.

Due to its particular topography, the Pacific Northwest experiences a variety of climates, most popular for the humidity and rains typical of this region, and all four seasons can be experienced: winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

For me, what seduces me the most is driving on the roads surrounded by gigantic pine trees, seeing the big maple trees change their leaves from green to red or orange in the fall. Waking up on a cold morning with the mist slipping through the trees and buildings, the light drizzle that invites you to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea nestled in a warm blanket, or even walks in the rain when the wind is calm.

It is a diverse, cozy experience that invites a more relaxed and slow type of tourism. In the summer it is different, there are more activities, tours and plans to do, it is a faster and more energetic step, but in my opinion, Portland, Oregon is a city that is worth enjoying in the winter, without rush, agendas, or destinations. Just enjoy the city and its landscape for what it is.


2. Festivals and cultural activities

Visiting a city that places a lot of importance on its culture is also a fascinating experience. Here the cultural offer is very varied and ranges from the fashionable place to go to famous opened bar points towards music festivals, gastronomy, theater and other performing arts and more, art galleries, museums with different spotlights, live concerts, presentations by different national and international bands, etc.

Every day you can choose something different to do, each season brings its own festivals that celebrate the new season and it is very easy to find a good show by an indie band that is passing through Portland, Oregon or a recently opened art exhibition, coming from Barranquilla, where the cultural offer is quite limited.


3. No purchase tax (Really?)

An attractive point for those who like to go shopping when they travel. The state of Oregon does not charge a purchase tax and has a wide variety of options to spend in, from internationally recognized brands to new local brands created by the city’s residents. This does not mean that there are no taxes at all, since although Oregon has decided not to collect purchase tax, it does charge a high percentage of income tax.

As a tourist, it does not affect you, but as an inhabitant, it may not be the most ideal.


4. The “Made in Portland” Culture

The most surprising thing found in Portland is the local production capacity of goods and services, in this city, you can find almost any product made locally.

From toothbrush to cast iron frying pans, you find everything here, and in fact, is popular in the country and other parts of the world for this creative culture and its ability to execute. There are government incentives for entrepreneurs that facilitate this process, and also incubators that allow creators to access tools and machinery for the production of the product, which significantly reduces the cost of entrepreneurship.

This results in neighborhood markets where only Portland made products are sold, promoting the local economy. Giants Nike and Intel were born in Portland, as an example.

5. Incentives for Latino Entrepreneurs

If you found the idea of starting a business in Portland, Oregon, several financial supports can be obtained through the application for loan or investment. There’s also the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber, which was created to support the Latino community that is investing in Portland’s economy.

Their mission is to increase the economic progress of Latinos in the region and therefore offer from talks to investments to those who present sustainable business ideas. A good resource for this growing community.


6. Several companies created by Latinos

With these incentives, and the growing Latino community in the city, many young immigrants have tried their luck in entrepreneurship. Some Chilean girls also created a small card and stationery company called Letra Chueca, which satisfies this Latino market in the city. And of course, you couldn’t miss Que Bacano! The Colombian food truck that has given something to talk about due to the excellent quality of its meals. If you decide to visit Portland, don’t forget to go support the compatriots.


Additionally, the benefits for entrepreneurs also cover restaurants, making it easy to find small establishments with varied meals in the very center of the city before large food chains. Portlanders pride themselves on their sustainable economy and seek to support local businesses when they have the opportunity, so visitors get to get a close-up look at all these facets of Portland, Oregon’s life.


If you are curious to know more, better you plan your next trip to Portland, Oregon, and you will not be able to resist the beauty, culture, and the mind-blowing activities.

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