Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Home in Portland


Selling a home requires a lot of work. It can be stressful and sometimes chaotic. If you are looking for some easy tips and guidance, then you have come to the right blog post.

Today I want to share with you 10 tips that I have come to learn about selling your house over time.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Tip 1: Time is Key

When it comes to selling your home, time and money are two key ingredients. You need to make sure that you invest the proper amount of time into your organization of preparing the house to be placed on the market. These projects are always bigger than expected, so do not think it will be an easy and quick process. When dealing with property sales, they are difficult and complex. It is always wonderful to have a specialist working with you, just in case you do not know what exactly it is, that you are doing.

You are going to face pressure when it comes to selling the house. Always make sure that you collect all the proper paperwork and documents that you will need for the final meetings and closure on the house. This is something that will take a few weeks, not a few days.

If you have knowledge of marketing and how that works, you will have an upper hand on understanding how you need to market your home and make it sale faster.

Tip 2: Make A List of Potential Selling Items

Lists are always helpful. Sometimes when you have several thoughts going through your head at once, it is simple to confuse which task goes on what list. So, when you come to this process, it is helpful if you ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much is my house worth?
    1. Am I selling this property at the correct value?
  2. If I sell, do I still pay the mortgage left on home?
  3. How long will it take for my home to sell?
  4. What all appliances and furniture should I include with the sale of the house?
    1. Should I sell the appliances and furniture separately?
  5. How log will it take to move out of the house?
  6. What is the maximum amount of time my house will be on the market?
  7. Did I make sure to fix all the repairs that my house needed, before selling it?

Tip 3: Settling on The Right Selling Price

This may be one of the most stressful steps in this list. The selling price of your home. This is where customers stress out the most because they are worried about how they are not selling the house at the maximum amount. When it comes to figuring out the cost, you do not want to sell it at low or high cost. You want a nice medium price. It is helpful to look at the houses in your neighborhood and market it around those prices.

This can be a double-edge sword when you look at it. If you overprice your home, you could potentially run the risk of loosing buyers. While if you underprice your house, you also run the risk of not getting the proper value of the property. You would basically be shooting yourself in the foot for not selling it at the right value.

This is difficult.

Relators often suggest that it is best to sell your house about 3% – 5% higher than what your starting value would be. This way you are making sure that you are going to be getting the right price for your home.


Tip 4: Location Does Matter

There are some relators that will tell you location does not matter when it comes to selling your home, but it honestly does. You never know what kind of family may come looking at your home. There may be a young married couple that does not mind living next to loud neighbors, or there could be a family with a newborn on the way that may want a calm and quiet place to live.

Here are a few important key factors that do play into the house selecting process.

  • Location of home is it inside or outside a city.
  • How big is your house and the property that it lies on?
  • Has it been used as a rental home?
  • When was the house built?

Tip 5: Selling a House Unlet Earns More

It is an unwritten rule that is known by most relators. When selling your house, you could receive up to almost 30% more money if your home is unlet.

An example of this could be that you have a tenant who is choosing to move out instead of renewing the lease. You could use this opportunity to sell your property for more money. Most people are willing to buy properties that do not have tenants, because they find it easier to deal with the property alone – instead of both property and the people.

Now if you are trying to sell your home and it is currently being rented out, you do need to inform them that you will be selling the property once the lease is up. You need to make sure you give them at least one months’ notice, so they have the time to make plans to relocate.

Tip 6: Picking Between a Real Estate Agent or Sell on Your Own

This can always end up being a difficult choice.

When hiring a broker, you are choosing someone who knows what they are doing and have the time to handle your listing and selling your home. These are the people who take the pictures, work on a marketing strategy, plan meetings to show the home, draw up the final paperwork. They do all the time-consuming work for you, instead of you doing it on your own. Downside to hiring a broker, you must give them a share of what you sell your property for.

If you have the time on your hands to market, take the photos, arrange the meetings and showings of your home, draw up the final paperwork when you sell, then you should choose to sell your home by yourself.

Tip 7: Gathering the Proper Paperwork on Time

Time is money and key to selling your property at the best cost. Like I said about in tip 1, the time you spend on selling your home is key. It is also important in the final deals of selling your home. You want to always make sure that you have the proper paperwork filled out and signed when they need to be. That way you can make the sale go quicker and smoother.

Tip 8: Clean Up Your Property

You always want your house to be clean. Especially when you are trying to sell it on the market. People are attracted to a house that is clean and healthy. Your house is a representation of yourself, if you look like you took the time to clean up then people are going to expect the same from your home. First impressions of your house are important, especially when you are determined to sell your home.

If it helps, make a list of all the cleaning you need to do around the property then start going down the list one by one. Make sure you take care of the repairs and maintenance that the home may need before you place it on the market.

You want your house to look it is best before it goes up for sell.

Tip 9: Scheduling the Viewing Appointments

When you start making appointments to show your house, you want to spruce it up a little bit. Make sure it is clean, like I said before in the other tips, and that it looks great. It is always helpful to decorate your home with the furniture you make still have in the home. Presentations are important to buyers, and they are going to want a home that makes them feel comfortable and at home.

Tip 10: Negotiate Always, Do Not Settle on The First Offer

Before you ever go in to negotiate your offers, make sure you have an absolute minimum offer in mind. Do not go under your minimum, no matter if they choose to walk away. You know how much your home is worth and sooner or later the right buyer will come around wanting to buy the home.

You do not want to jump on the very first offer that you receive, unless it is the exact offer you are wanting. If that happens on the first try, then take it and accept. If not, then keep pushing forward and negotiating. It is always okay to take some time and think over the offers you have received and compare each one.

This is probable the best option you can do when you come to the end of the selling journey.

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