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Welcome to my site in Oregon, the biggest metropolitan area. The whole website is made for people that are new to the area. You can learn more about Portland and the community living here. It has plenty of info about the housing market and neighborhood. There are also places to study etc. Thus, this is the data that you will receive if you decide to stay here. Make sure to leave your comments and suggestions below.

If you have any questions to ask, or you want a property transaction, call me! You can either buy or sell a home. Call me or contact me online.

Gaining Information on Portland

There was definitely a time where someone lived in Portland. The response would be, “Isn’t Portland in the west?” Nowadays, people already know the city. They also ask if Portland is exactly like the show. Yet, the answer to that is a flat no. IFC’s Portlander, has started its eighth and final show in 2018. But, unfortunately, that show can no longer portray Portland. There was an earlier image that marked the city’s optimism. This came with a special mind-set as well. The city became popular, but the show was not the main reason.


Yet, the property, pricing increased. Then the “90’s dream” began to sting when a barista job can no longer pay the rent. After that, no young people came in to retire in Portland anymore. Today we have Portland that is full of high tech firms. Moreover, there are also shoe and clothing firms that thrived too. The city is full of talented people and their search for more.

Why Are There Two Cities Called Portland?

The country ended up with two cities that are called Portland. Sounds confusing, but that’s the reality. In 1845, there were two men that both claimed the land. The land was named The Clearing, but now is called the Portland downtown. They could not have a proper name to call the piece of land. In the end, to resolve the conflict, they each flipped a coin. The coin is called the Portland Penny. Lovejoy, from Massachusetts, selected Boston. Petty Grove from Maine, won the coin toss. He then picked the name Portland.


Portland is in the middle of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. The Willamette River flows from south to north. It bisects the city into its east and west sides. The Willamette River is the 13th biggest river in the United States. It also has a discharge of 32000 cubic feet with the Columbia River. The Willamette River discharges a lot more than any other river in the United States. Most of the discharges happen during the winter rainy season.


There are a lot of people that have trouble properly pronouncing the Willamette River name. We will be giving you a proper guide created by Oregon’s governors. It is called Will-lam-et. Now that the whole river can be pronounced, we proceed further. We give you help with the state’s name. Place the stress on the first syllable of the name. Soon, you can spell and read Oregon without difficulty.



The Capital of Golden Bridges

Apart from being called Rose City or the Stump town, Portland is also called Bridgetown. Portland is named Bridgetown because it has bridges that connect the east and west Portland. There are 12 bridges that span 11 miles. Many Portlanders’ have their own preference in their favorite bridge. Yet, my favorite bridge is Hawthorne. It is the oldest bridge with a lift on it, and has been in long operation. In the USA, there are hundreds of biker pedals that cross the bridge every day. There are up to 8000 cyclists that go to work with bikes using the Hawthorne bridge. Not including the thousands of bus riders. There are fewer cars on the road. More than 7% of the Portland commuters prefer to get to work on a bike. This percentage is the highest in the whole country. Hawthorne city was added to Historic Places by the National Register in 2012.


Hawthorne has proper character and beauty. St Johns has a narrow win. David Steinman, the designer of the bridge was inspired by the local beauty of Portland. He then wanted to build a bridge to suit the beauty. The whole bridge was intended to complement the green nature around it. Steinman stated the bridge was a work of art. In 1931, on St Patrick’s Day. It has been announced that the bridge would be painted green. He made the decision that was radical, as most bridges were either black or gray. Today you will find bridges in the US painted with color codes. However, no one reads color codes anymore. From Washington to Canada, steel structures are all painted green. This is called the transportation color coding.


There is also a new bridge from Portland, named the Tillicum Crossing. You can use a bike or walk over it, but you cannot drive through the bridge. You can also use a bus, streetcar or train on the train, just no cars. The Tillicum Crossing is about 180 feet in height with special cable towers at the bridge’s main point. The bridge’s length is 1720 in length and there are four piers. Two of the piers are landside and the other two are in-water piers. The main span deck is a 780-foot-long. It is separated with a transit way between tower legs and the track lanes. There are track lanes and cyclist’s paths to use. It is gorgeous! Tillicum means ‘people’ or ‘tribe’, and it is used to describe friendly people. So Tillicum Crossing is the bridge that everyone loves.


Moreover, the Tillicum bridge has a special aesthetic lighting system. It lets the bridge’s lighting effects change according to Willamette’s conditions. These conditions include the speed, depth and water temperature. It also has different LED modules to shine cables and towers under the deck. The base color is affected by the river’s temperature. The whole time and intensity level of the base color will change. Any movement of light on the bridge is determined by the speed of the water flow.


The City of Roses is a bicycle city in August each year. There are 12000 people that put on helmets to go for the annual cycling event. The event covers the route all through the Willamette River bridges. It draws in all public views like local residents of all ages. Children in small bikes, adult cycling everywhere turns everything spectacular. There are sleek titanium racers that fill the streets everywhere. The whole event starts from early morning and ends in the early afternoon. If you are new to the town, make sure to participate at least once!


Portland’s Divided Areas

The map of Portland that we know of is a river and bridges. The divided areas of the city are called ‘quadrants’. It will prevent you from becoming lost in the city. The city is split by a river. However, the city is easy to navigate by car or bicycle. The thing about being that going through West Hills is that most of the streets are curvy.


The city has a total of five quadrants. The north and south part are divided by the street called Burnside Street. The east and west quadrant is divided by the Willamette River. Therefore, Portland has five different quadrants that lets you know your way. All of the addresses in the city have special denotations for each special quadrant.


Local folk will tell you that people on the east are more active compared to the west. The east side has as many bikers as it has a flatter terrain. Moreover, the houses on the east are cheaper than the west. People prefer the east part because there are a lot of cheap restaurants. There are more than 20 dining places within 30 blocks of South East Division Street. The west side has parks, zoos and some restaurants too.


Rainy Seasons in April

It rains! Portland is known for warm summers and cool winters. However, if you compare to Seattle, Portland is warm and dry all year round. Portland has a lot of rain, about the same as Boston or New York. But, Portland rains more and it is just a drizzle of water. However, there are 144 sunny days and a temperature of 71 degrees. Although the weather might be cloudy once a while, sometimes it turns into heavy rain.

Portland is near mountains and sea, called the “Mediterranean” weather. Portland is not as warm as California, unfortunately. Summers in Portland are great and people enjoy the summer. There is only a bit of rain during the summer. Most days are rather dry and warm. During June, July and August, Portland get high temperatures. Sometimes the temperatures reach 90 degrees or more.

Cost of Property

Because the economy in Portland is booming, the property costs go up to. This is due to population increase affected by political issues in Portland. There are also limited choices, and there are not many properties for sale. Today we have a median price for a property in the Portland area. It costs about $400,000. It is a lot cheaper than property in San Francisco, where properties are 1M dollars. In 2018, Seattle property prices can reach $777,000. There are low property costs and that is why Silicon Valley and Seattle open offices in Portland. Many small firms start up in Portland because property costs less.


We Read, We Enjoy the Music While Drinking

Portlanders read plenty of books. Nothing is better for them than reading a book at a cozy fireplace. There are a lot of new and used bookstores in Portland. The bookstore is called Powell’s Bookstore. It is over 68,000 square feet and has a floor space of 1.6 acres. It can hold four million books. Each day, it buys 3,000 used books. You can get the used books in the mix of new books. CNN states that it is the coolest bookstore across the globe. The county library system is great, and the Multnomah County Library had about 24.8 million books. In the 11th year in a row, the library has renewed more books than any other library in the US.


We love our beverages. They consist of coffee, lots of beer, and more wine. WalletHub credit crunches compare over 100 cities. This survey was made over the stats of coffee-lovers in Portland. Portland was in second place compared to Seattle for loving beverages. Portland is known as the Beer Capital of the World in more than 50 breweries across Portland. Portland breweries are well known for their beers. They also ship their breweries all across the globe. All of these brew pubs serve a lot of food that are organic and produced locally. Going to brew pubs all the time is a part of Portland culture. A must go for each visitor.


The state of Oregon has created a great reputation for its wine production. It ranks fourth in the country in the US. There are 725 wineries in Oregon, and it has a booming tourism industry. It aids the tourism industry that boomed because of wine tasting. Plenty of the tourism focus on wineries and different tasting rooms. These wineries can be found southwest of Portland. Oregon is also well known for its Pinot Noir. It is produced throughout Portland. Pinot noirs made from Portland received a lot of recognition from critics. Oregon is one of the best places that produce Pinot noirs across the globe.

The state started to contribute to USA music. It started in the 1960s when pop stars like the Raiders made Oregon a rocky start. There are other musical groups that come from Portland too. These groups are The Shins, Modest House and many more. The Willamette Week’s annual Best Band Award provides a lot of musicians that are top in town. Every year, there will be a dedication of scene-watchers going to the WW. They do so to name their favorite performers. Each year, WW will get 400 new bands and singers to go see them.


Make A Move! Enjoy Outdoor Live

If you like the outdoor life, Portland is the place for you. Portland is one of the 60 largest American cities based on the biggest parking space. There are different variables that put in an equation and a score for the city’s park system. Moreover, there is an analysis based on three best features for an effective park system. Based on the site, there is space and good services. Portland is also the same rank as Boston for the country that has the best green area. There are a lot of parks and trails all over the city. It is great for hiking, bike riding, or soccer games. Area waterways are great for those that love rowing and boating. If that is not enough to keep you occupied with Portland, there is more. You do not have to travel far to view scenery and outdoor activities. Drive about 75 miles and you will be viewing the Pacific Ocean. The Cascade Range is on the east and you can ski there in the winter or camp in the summer.


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