What to Know Before Moving to Portland Oregon

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There are a few traits that term this diamond of the Northwest of Pacific Are. It has a strong transportation system and lovely green areas in the city. It also has a biking culture, along with wild weather.

Portland is a big city that has a strong community feel. Thus, the local TV show showcased in Portland under the name Portlandia. It made the place that seemed weird become not weird at all. As a matter of fact, Portland was a place where different people rejoiced and embraced.

Interested in making Portland your place to stay? You need to know a few things before you make the big step.


So What Does Moving to Oregon Feel Like?

The city has a proper reputation for having a lot of rain. Yet, it is so much that that.


Working in Oregon

Portland’s main industry is manufacturing. This also means that the city produces a lot of different stuff, like metals and machinery.

If you want to enter the restaurant industry, Portland is also a great culinary spot to try out. There are so many great chefs around. Yet, there are no chain restaurants. It means that there are a lot of jobs for hospitality experts and chefs.

Likewise, there are also a lot of drinks that are great in Portland. Soon you will see that many people from Portland love to make their own coffee. They also make their own businesses from beer and things that they like.


Playing Around in Oregon

When you begin to stay in Portland, there are so many things that you can do. The Pacific Ocean is a great coast for you to get a sun tan or enjoy the beach. The best thing about it is, it takes about two hours to drive to the city. If you want to enjoy the seaside you can go, there once a week.

If you prefer to do hiking, then Mount Hood is a must-go place. Likewise, it is only an hour to reach from the southeast of the town.

Feeling like having a good splash? Go for a dip in the waterfalls! You can drive 45 minutes to the northeast of downtown. From there, you will reach the Columbia River Gorge. It has gorgeous waterfalls for dipping, swimming and relaxing.

Likewise, if you are a shopaholic, then here is the good news: The goods in Portland have no sales tax! Great!

Moreover, if you want to do sports, you are the lucky person! There are sports teams in Portland that can make you cheer for them. One is a basketball team, the other teams are the male and female soccer teams.


Dining, Food in Oregon

Living in the capital of Oregon is a dream come true for food enthusiasts. Residents from Portland love trying out new dishes and new cafes across the town. Food is the new next hobby!

Next, as an extra bonus, the city is well known for doing this is a good way.

When you eat in Portland, the waiter might ask you a few things. The first thing would be, “Do you have any dietary restrictions?” So, if you are a vegetarian, gluten-free or Paleo, or you need a place to eat. The cafe will be glad to accommodate you.

Soon you will notice you are not the only one in the restaurant that has diet restrictions! Portland is a haven for residents that need to have alternative diets.

Portland also has a lot of food trucks to cater to your foods. Now, you can access more than 500 food trucks all across town. Residents in Portland call them food carts, while these trucks produce different food. The food ranges from Thai chicken with chocolate waffles, and everything else you want. So no matter what you want to eat, you have it.


This city has the best food to meet all your craving needs. You can also get a map of the best food in the west coast city here.

Feeling full, but still opting for a pick-me-up?


Portland coffee is a big thing. There are so many coffee shops everywhere. Likewise, the best part of all? A lot of them are coffee shops that are independently that can make their own coffee. One of the cafes stated in the travel magazine stated Portland is the top coffee city in America. What a big recognition!

Moving Around Oregon

One of the best things about Portland is that it has a walk score that is rather high. It is because the city is rather conscious. It means that if you are driving, make sure to give in to pedestrians a lot.


You also need to know several things before attempting to move to Portland. It means that you also need to memorize a few directions as well.

The directions are:


  • Burnside Street has north and south areas.
  • The Willamette River has a division between the east and the west. Make sure not to make mistakes.

There are many street names that are home to these division areas. So what does it mean if the person asking you out is on Southeast Hawthorne street? It means she lives river east, and Burnside south.

Knowing your division areas are rather useful for driving. Thus, most people in Oregon prefer to use their bike or bus for their morning routine. While they ride through Portland, there are so many bikers zooming about you feel that you might be in the UK.

It is also easy to get around using the bus, streetcar and MAX. Many Portlanders get rid of their cars because they prefer public transportation. If needed, you can plan tomorrow’s trip around the city here instead.

Getting Studies Made in Oregon

If you live in Portland, then you can get a good education fast! There are many different campuses of the Portland Universities. These schools receive five stars all the time. The colleges also get proper feedback from students and parents.

So, for people going to college in Portland, University of Portland would be a good choice to opt for.

Best Neighborhood in Oregon?

The neighborhood of Oregon is a great place to live in. Many people want to live near the Willamette River. It is rather simple to commute in the city center using MAX. Another alternative is using the bike path that goes around the neighborhood.

If you want to get an active lifestyle, then you should live in the Tabor neighborhood. This Portland neighborhood is where people live with a lot of outdoor fun. Moreover, this is where the extinct Tabor volcano once resides.

If you want to live right in the middle of it, you need to move to Pearl District. Everything in the neighborhood is a proper walking distance. Work, shopping and cafes or pubs – you name it, you have it. The only setback is that tourists also love this area a lot.


Another thing you need to bear in mind is that you cannot pump the gas yourself! No matter which area you live in, you need a gas station to pump the gas for you.

Property Market in Oregon

The houses in Oregon in the Portland area look like classical bungalows. Some resemble Victorian cottages and great ranches. In the late 1800s, Portland came around. Portland then started its own home styles in the 20th century.

Interested in making these properties, yours? Today is your lucky day. In summer 2018, the property market in Oregon turned into the buyer’s market.

Buyers are trying to woo sellers and engage in bid wars with different cash offers. Furthermore, most listings nowadays only have one or two offers. It is especially the fact for buyers that need financing.

If you want to move to Oregon, now is a good time. Likewise, you should definitely act fast! There is a great city with a lot of opportunities and things will heat up soon again.


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