Why is your Portland house not selling?

Has your house just come off the market and wasn’t sold? Now, that could be quite disappointing. However, it is quite possible that the reason behind it not being sold has nothing to do with the market or the home itself. So, don’t worry if your listing has expired. All you need to do is to take a step back and have a look at the situation before putting your Portland house back on the market.


You need to begin by changing your attitude. You should be ready to do whatever it takes to sell the Portland house. Now, the next important step is to figure out why your house did not get sold. There are four main reasons that could be responsible for your house not being sold and here they are:


Your relationship with the Realtorrealtor, real estate, real estate agent


Without a good relationship with your Portland realtor, you cannot expect to get good results. So, make sure that your questions are answered and you receive feedback from the realtor about how the sale is proceeding. Your agent can get this information from the other agents who have shown your home and they should communicate it to you. You need to think about how well your agent was doing this because this could help both of you decide what to do next.


Was the pricing right?

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Market conditions, competition, and the condition of your property are three main things that should decide about what is the right price. The house should not be priced too high or too low because this way it will not be comparable to the other houses in your area.


A competitive market analysis can help you establish the right price for your Portland property. So, ask your agent to review the price at which comparable homes were sold recently or are on sale currently. They should also be able to give you an idea of how much time it took these houses to be sold. Also find out about the houses whose listing had expired and why they were not sold. Remember the market value of a house depends on how much a buyer is likely it pay for it and how much a seller is willing to sell it for.


What is the condition of the house?

Most buyers purchase a house based on how much they like the house, so there are a lot of emotions involved and little logic involved here. So, your house should be such that it inspires others to think that your house is their dream house. So, fix all the cracks and squeaky floors and doors, keep it clean and tidy, remove all clutter, and just make it look beautiful. And don’t forget the curb appeal because how your house looks from outside is an important thing that buyers look at.


You should also consider getting your house painted because a look at the ugly walls can actually cost you a potential sale. If you want your house to compete against other comparable houses, make sure that it looks the part. You can even ask your agent to get the house inspected so that you could get everything fixed to attract potential buyers.


Besides this, installing a lock box and allowing showing times that are convenient for buyers can help make it easy to show it to potential buyers. If possible, put up a ‘for sale’ sign. Always keep large pets away when buyers visit, work as much as possible on the curb appeal and also make sure to depersonalize your furnishings. You should be all prepared for the next prospect who walks in since they could probably turn out to be your buyer.


Market your House

If you want to market your home well, then you should have an agent who can represent you well. So, pick an agent carefully and do your best to test the knowledge of the agents that you interview. You should also ask them how much money they will spend on advertising and marketing your home and through which medium. They should know which medium is effective and which is not.

If your Portland agent is using traditional and old methods to sell your house, it is time to let him go and hire a new one. Your agent should be creative and someone who is ready to use the new tools of advertising that are present in real estate sector today.


Your agent and you should be able to get together and draw a marketing plan that works well and that is able to attract more potential buyers to your Portland house. Be sure to pick the right agent since not all agents can help you sell your house fast and in fact not all agents can help sell your house at all.


There are buyers present in the market. The only thing that you need to do is make sure that you communicate well with your agent, price it right keeping in mind the condition of both the market and the house, make the Portland house presentable, and have good marketing plan to sell it.


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